James H. Reese


Gender: Male
Age: 230
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 190 lbs
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown

Life Point: 57
Drama: 10
Experience Points: 0

Strength: 4
Dexterity: 4
Constitution: 4
Intelligence: 4
Perception: 3
Willpower: 3

Acrobatics: 2
Art: 2
Doctor: 1
Driving: 2
Getting Medieval: 3
Gun-Fu: 3
Influence: 4
Kung-Fu: 3
Knowledge: 5
Languages (French): 1
Language (Ojibwe): 1
Languages (Latin): 1
Notice: 3
Occultism: 6
Science: 1
Sports: 2

Immortal 0
Age 4
Resistance (Disease) 1
Regeneration 3
Hard to Kill 5
Attractiveness 3
Nerves of Steel 3
Good Luck 2
Occult Investigator 4
Contact (Foster Family) 4

Secret (Ageless) 3
Adversary (Vamps/Demons) 3
Honorable 1
Dependent (Wife) 2
Love (Wife) 2

Combat Maneuvers
Maneuver Bonus Base Damage Notes
Dodge 7 - Defense Action
Parry 7 - Defense Action
Punch 7 8 Bash
Kick 6 10 Bash
Stake 7 8 Slash/Stab
Through the Heart 4 8 x5 vs Vampires
Crossbow 7 16 Slash/Stab, Turn to reload
Through the Heart 4 16 x5 vs Vampires
Sword 7 16 Slash/Stab
Pistol 7 12 Bullet



James Henry Rhys (1782-1861)
The Rhys family mostly hails from the area around Philadelphia. James grandfather, Henry Rhys, came from Wales in 1735. James grew up in early days of the United States and was part of a well off family that owned several businesses. In 1806 he married his childhood friend Elizabeth “Bess” Carter. They had X children and it was a very happy marriage, a very good match as both sides of the family often said. A patriot James fought in the war of 1812 against the British. He spent the majority of the war fighting in Canada near the Great Lakes. It was in 1814 near the end of the war that he became immortal after rescuing a Native American girl from several Iroquois warriors. After Bess’s death in 1849 James moved around a lot until the Civil War broke out in 1861.

Albert Shaw (1861-1867)
James decided to change his name in 1861 and enlisted in the Union Army. He spent the first couple years of the war on the front-lines. He quickly rose to the rank of sergeant and eventually moved from the fighting to the supply and logistics side of things. The war left James rather bitter. After the war he wandered for a few years.

Thomas Carter (1867-1890)
In 1867 James decided to put the war behind him including the name he fought under. He decided to honor his wife and used her maiden name as his own. During this time he met his second wife Vivian Foster. A rather wealthy war widow who had X children from her first marriage. She was a woman of charisma and confidence which is what drew James to her. These were happy years much like his first marriage.

John Evans (1890-1929)
After Vivian’s death in 1890 due to illness James went on again to change his identity. When he left he took several thousand dollars with him. It was left to him by Vivian to start his new life. This was something they had planned together shortly after their marriage. He invested greatly over the next 40 years and thanks mostly to luck made a fortune. He lived a bachelors life during these years. During the summer of 1927 after a party was the first time he ran into a vampire. A woman who killed one of his friends as they walked home. After a difficult fight he and another friend managed to dust her. In 1929 he lost all his assets during the financial collapse.

George Smith (1929-1945)
With his new identity and barely any money to his name James headed west to California. These were troubling times as the United States suffered through the Great Depression. He spent the next couple years working where there was work to be had. He eventually found steady work with one of the movie studios, mostly in a security role, though there were a few times he worked on some actual movies. In 1941 the war had finally reached the United States. James decided for the first time since the Civil War that this was a war that must be fought and joined up. He spent the entirety of the war in Europe working as a translator for the US Army and with the French resistance groups.

Pierre LaRue (1945-1969)
At the end of the war James stayed in France. He spent over 20 years there. Most of it was spent in France though in the early 1960s he did travel a great deal. He spent these years as a painter, though his art never made any money. In 1951, at the height of his painting he painted his best work. The painting was called “Bess by the River” and depicts a young woman walking by a river, glancing over as if noticing she’s being watched. The painting used to be in an art museum, but was stolen along with several other paintings in 1963. Also during these years James came across more supernatural creatures. This included a pair of vampires he helped stop who were murdering children and a ghost he helped banish.

Daniel Miller (1969-1980)
After living abroad for so long James was eager to return to the United States. Under a new name he returned only to ended up drafted in the early 70s for the Vietnam war. He had decided after World War 2 that he was done fighting in wars and really didn’t appreciate being drafted. He quickly moved to Canada and became a draft dodger. He spent the rest of the decade in Canada researching the Native American who once lived there. He traveled around the Great Lakes searching for clues as to what happened to him all those years ago. He even found the spot where it had happened, which was now a wooded grove outside a town.

Robert Sullivan (1980-2004)
With a desire to know more about what happened and in the occult in general James created yet another identity and returned to the states. For almost 30 years he kept a rather low profile. Research was all he cared about. He made a name for him self as an enemy of vampires and other monsters during these years.

James H. Reese (2006-Present)
Having grown tired of the solitude and tired of using names that weren’t his own James decided to start over. He began using his real name again, though with a more modern spelling of it. He made his way into college and breezed his way to a masters degree in history. In 2010 he met BLANK and one year later they were married. Like with his previous wives he told them the truth and his real age. She was shocked at first and asked if he was some kind of sexy vampire like in the books and movies. He had to explain a lot to her that day about the hidden world around them. She took it surprisingly well and said that it didn’t matter as long as they were together. After the wedding she got a new job in BLANK he decided he would follow her. Having lived so long he didn’t want her to have to give up her dreams, so he took a job at one of the local high schools as a new history teacher.

James H. Reese

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